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NFT and your wall!

Welcome to my bear den!


As first buyer of an NFT from me, you also get the original spray painted artwork

of the NFT on canvas 50x50 cm, transferred to the real world.

Chris, my creative slave, will take care of that ...

I'm not just a bear, I'm a bear on a mission! 


A bear on a mission

The H.B.F 

become a bearly supporter:

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and I'll send you a free NFT from the bearly supporter collection *

What you need so that I can send you the free NFT:

a crypto wallet, e.g.

If you don't have a wallet yet, install the app,
or the chrome add-on on the computer.

Now connect your new wallet to

Follow one of my official accounts

share a HBF post that you like on the plattform you followed
and then link 2 or more friends that you would like
to check my bear den.

send me a private message with your public
wallet address on the platform you joined.
Please do not post your wallet in comments!

Now I can send you the NFT.

You will find the NFT on
as soon as your wallet is connected.

Just go to your profile and it should appear under collections. If not, it can be found under hidden (swipe left in the app in the menu area collected
 / created for more options)

You can also message me any time on Twitter or IG
if you have any questions!



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  • Twitter Social Icon
  • Instagram
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