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A1 HBF#20.png

420 shades of HBF

Here you can find my official NFT collection and the links to the respective platform on which the NFT can be found.

HBF# Airdrop free2.jpg

Bearly supporter airdrop collection

A collection of bear hearts for all of you who followed my

mission from the beginning! Free!

Limited quantities 

HBF The beginning #2.png

H.B.F The beginning

on opensea / polygon soon!

H.B.F. Series 001.png

HBF series # 001 - not yet started

The NFT unique plus the sprayed unique for the wall!

A1 HBF#8.1.png

HBF series # 003

still secret

A1 HBF#8.1.png

HBF series # 004

still secret

A1 HBF#8.1.png

HBF series # 005

still secret

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